Miguel’s the name. I am a millennial. I am a Christian. I am a minister of the Gospel, currently working in Baltimore. I am an entrepreneur. I hope to, every day, love Jesus and by Him, and with Him, and in Him, change the world.

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I was born south of the border in the year of ’89, but have called the United States my home since the turn of the millennium. I consider myself a son of the desert, being raised in Phoenix, Arizona from the age of 10 to about 26. Currently, I reside in Baltimore, in the beautiful state of Maryland, where we’re doing mission work with our inner city youth.

The Episcopal Church has been my spiritual home since I was 10 and have fallen in love with the greatness of our Anglican tradition and heritage, although I still consider myself a cultural Roman Catholic due to the many feasts that celebrate Mexican and Latino heritage often tied with religious observances.

Overall, I am a youth minister, or youth pastor depending who you ask, at St. Bartholomew’s Church in Baltimore, working to love Jesus each and every day. This is reflected in the work that we do as a community of faith and in my personal witness. I have a crazy idea: that the world can be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit by being unashamed to proclaim the living Gospel of Christ crucified. It has happened before. I strive for that idea and seek to have as many people join me in that.

In summary, I am young, I am a Christian, I am a millennial, I am an entrepreneur, and I am a minister of the Gospel. I seek to love Jesus and change the world. “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, it is the power of God for salvation to anyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16 ESV)

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